Lopez Tonight with Kaley Cuoco and Patrice Ryan

I had such a great time with George Lopez on his show with Kaley Cuoco and her dog Shirley-Sue!
Her little crazy puppy is quite a handful, or should I say mouthful?  George couldn't get a word in edge-wise with 2 girls sitting on a sofa talking about pet especially when their puppy tattles on their mom...
If you've seen my exclusive behind the scenes video you will see what I am talking about: 
http://www.lopeztonight.com/episode_recaps_and_highlights/george_hires_a_pet_psychic_for_kaley_cuoco.php#video3  I didn't know that they were going to use this footage.  Seeing how I had to open Shirley-Sue's mouth like and alligator to reach inside and take out pieces of plastic and shag carpet out of her mouth while talking with the producer can be quite entertaining.
Patrice Ryan with Kaley Cuoco and her dog Shirley-Sue

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